About Chablis

About the city

Chablis is situated in the north of Burgundy and is often referred to as “The Golden Gate to Burgundy”. This beautiful little town dates back to the middle ages and is home to a prestigious vineyard with a rich past.

The monks of Saint Martin from Tours regrouped in Chablis after the invasion of the Vikings and were the first to cultivate wine here. Presumably «Les Lys» was the first vineyard to be planted in Chablis.

The town of Chablis is surrounded by 19 wine villages that all produce the wine of the same name. According to the route you choose, our gps will guide you along some of these villages and wine regions. Through points of interest on the gps you will be able to find additional info in a little roadbook.

Where to sleep

E-bike Winetours offers you the possibility to stay at "Chez Bea", a charming apartment in the centre of Chablis, or you can choose one of the options below

Chambres d'hôtes and gîtes



About the wine

Among Chablis wines there are four different categories to be distinguished: beginning with Petit Chablis, then Chablis, 17 types of Premier Crus divided into 40 subcategories of Premier Cru and then, last but not least, 7 Grand Crus. Even though all of these wines are made from the Chardonnay grape, the diversity between them is significant. This diversity is caused by several factors; namely the soil, the age of the vine and the orientation of the vineyard are very important.

Besides the four main categories, a second division is made, based on the location of the vineyards in relation to the river Serein that runs through the Chablis region. As a result, left bank and right bank are frequently recurring terms when we’re talking about Chablis.

Tasting & buying wines

We offer the possibility to taste (and/or buy) a nice selection of wines in our shop upon your return from the tour.

Of course you can also stop for a tasting along your route at one of the winemakers we work with. Depending on the tour of your choice we propose one, two or more tasting locations.

Should you decide to stop for one or more tastings along your trip, we will provide you with a tasting glass you can keep as a souvenir.
If you wish to buy wines along the way, you pay for them at the tasting location. They will give us a call and we will collect your bottles for you, they will be waiting for you upon your return to the shop.

Prices for the wine collection and tastings vary from € 4 to € 5 per person, depending on your choice of vineyards.

Small discovery tour 2 h = 1 tasting € 4,00 pp
Half day 4 h = 1 or 2 tastings € 4,00 / € 8,00 pp
Short day 6 h = 1/ 2 or 3 tastings € 4,00 / € 8,00 pp
Full day 8 h = 1/ 2 or 3 / 5 tastings € 4,00 / € 8,00 / 12,00 pp