Tour with your own e-bike

Do you have your own e-bike and would you still like to discover one of our mapped tours and enjoy our services? That is possible too.

The rental price of a GPS with a pre-programmed tour of your choice and the accompanying road book is € 15.

Optionally you can also enjoy our tasting service.

 « Tasting service » how does it work and prices

Of course you can also stop for a tasting along your route at one of the winemakers we work with.
Depending on the tour of your choice we suggest one, two or more tasting locations.

Should you decide to stop for one or more tastings along your trip, we will provide you with a tasting glass you can keep as a souvenir. If you wish to buy wines along the way, you pay for them at the tasting location. They will give us a call and we will collect your bottles for you, they will be waiting for you upon your return to the shop.

Discovery tour (2 hours) = 1 tasting € 4,00 pp.
Half day tours (4 hours) = 1 or 2 tastings € 4,00 / € 8,00 pp.
Short Day tours (6 hours) = 1 / 2 or 3 tastings €4,00 / € 8,00 pp.
Full Day Tour (8 hours) = 1, 2 / 3, or 5 tastings €4,00 / € 8,00 / 12,00 pp.


  • GPS + road-book € 15 + tasting service

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